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New Book Reveals 
The Secrets to Making it in Real Estate 
(even if you're just getting started!)

  👩🏻‍💻From Nicole Briggs
  📍Utah, USA

Hey agent babe!
If you’d like to make it in RE without years of trial-and-error, then this will be the most important book you will EVER read.

And here’s why:

I’ll be revealing the secrets to building a booming RE business from scratch (you know, the kind of secrets nobody else will tell you) 💯
☝🏻But first, can we real talk for a min.?

The methods I’m teaching in this book have allowed me to create an extraordinary lifestyle for myself and my family.

I mean, when I first started in this biz, I was a mess. I used to door knock in the rain, clients wouldn't answer my calls let alone give me their listing.

And then... I joined a mastermind... I dove into books, learned from the best and became OBSESSED with RE. 

Since then, I've created my dream life while working only 25 hours a week.

Now, I don’t tell you these things to brag and I’m certainly not suggesting you’ll attain this kind of success over night.

If we’re being honest, I’m not sure how successful the women who read this will be. 

Building an incredible RE business entails, consistent dedication and action - the kind of effort most can’t possibly imagine giving. 

If you’re not willing or ready to accept this kind of challenge, please ✋🏼 DO NOT GET THIS BOOK. 

With that being said, if you’re up for the challenge, let’s jump right in and I’ll show you how...

Exactly what you’re getting👇🏼

⚠️ First, let me start off with a warning: This isn't your typical "business" book.

There's no B.S., no empty words, false promises or misleading schemes. 

This is the Real. Freaking. Deal.  

I'll cover the exact methods I’ve used to produce a booming RE business from ZERO as a practically “single” mom of 4 young kids (I say single because my husband lived 4 hours away from me - there’s a story here which I’ll save for another time).

I share ONLY proven methods that will fast-track your growth and help you build the biz {and life} of your dreams - right now, regardless of having no sales experience and/or clients.

And, it’s about MORE than just becoming a badass agent.

It’s also about NOT compromising on the things that matter most in your climb (all you mamas know what I mean). 💯

Whether you’re currently taking RE classes, or just getting started and wondering, “What’s Next?”... this book will have all the answers. 😉

Here’s a fraction of what you can expect from this book 👇🏼
    • The secret 🤫 to fast-tracking your growth from the start
    • You crushed it! The FIRST thing you should do after you’ve passed your RE exam
    • 🚨 IMPORTANT: Ask these exact questions when interviewing brokerages  
    • Why most agents don't make it (and how you can avoid becoming a “somber statistic”)
    • ​The ONE THING you need to attract clients - just like magic 🪄
    • The quickest way to build your client database - without boring cold calling and tedious door knocking
    • ​My best kept secrets unveiled: effectively communicating in a way that actually converts clients
    • Foolproof steps to finding your “tribe” of hot 🔥 and ready clients who want to work with you 
    • ​Dressing + acting the part: 👠 What your professionalism says about you
    • ​The shockingly easy way to show up for your community online and GET RESULTS
    You have to work 12+ hours a day to be successful in RE, right? WRONG! (Learn how to close consistently in an industry that feels like a roller coaster)
    • PLOT TWIST: RE is not about selling residences 🏡 (Hint: it’s NOT what you think it is at all!)
    • Why you need to STOP wasting your time calling old leads… and what to do instead
    • Why avoiding Instagram is actually hurting you and how it can actually accelerate your growth using these methods
    • Defining what you want is the first step to attaining it… Don’t lose sight of your goals!
    • ​TRUTH: Marketing isn't what you think it is... Discover the dirty truth (and how to do it the right way)
    • ​STOP STARTING OVER: the BEST way to build a thriving business
    • ​The simple mindset shift that will take you from the “Newbie” to a “Corner Office Queen” 👑
    • ​Knowing yourself is the first step to knowing how to help others (We're talkin' personalities here...)
    • ​What it takes to become self-made, for real.
    And, of course, because I always love to massively overdeliver, I've included a few bonuses just for you!

    Not only are you getting my EXACT secrets to building an incredible RE business, but you’re also getting:

    Bonus 1: Mindset Mastery 🧠
    The best advice I was given in the beginning of my RE career was this: 

    Pay close attention to what you put in your brain.

    Thinking BIG requires some serious mental toughness. It takes self-control, laster focus and daily nurturing if you really want to make the impact you deserve.

    In this bonus chapter, I'll be teaching you how to train your brain for receiving and realizing success in both your career AND your personal life...
    Bonus 2: Creating Your Sales Funnel 💵
    If you have NO sales experience, NO clients and NO idea of how to communicate with customers...

    NO problem!

    This chapter will be outlining how to structure your sales funnel, who goes into it, and, more importantly, how you speak to your clients in a way that gets them on board. 
    Bonus 3: Present Like a Pro 🎙
    Your presentation is where deals happen. It's where first impressions are key, where you meet potential customers, where rapport is established and... it's where agency is signed.

    And, it takes a very, very strategic process to do this right... 

    So, if you don't know how to present or feel unconfident and uncomfortable with selling... 

    Then this chapter is for you! You'll learn how to present like a pro and have all the tools necessary to get hired NOW.
    Bonus 4: Your Pre Qualifying Script  🗯
    There's no better way to connect with clients than through the pre-qualification process...

    In this bonus chapter, I'll walk you through exactly how I pre-qualify a client and the most important questions you should be asking every time. 🙌🏼

    Plus, you'll learn the key ingredient to delivering information. This will help you speak in a way that makes you sound confident, competent and builds credibility with customers. (So they actually want to work with you!)
    Bonus 5: Show Time 💫
    It's show(ing) time! This is the FINAL step before the close... SO it's going to take a bit of strategy and careful planning to do this right...

    As you've probably discovered, showings are NOTHING like what they convey on HGTV.

    So, if you want to make this process easier on you AND your clients AND get them into a place fast (so you're not wasting any time) then you'll want to follow these key showing ingredients...
    There’s no catch!
    You’re probably thinking, “Only, $5? But that’s so cheap!... What’s the catch?”
    I want to make this book accessible to everyone - regardless of their financial situations. I know when I first started, investing $15-$20 on a book was really hard for me - especially because I had young kids. It made me feel guilty doing things for myself. I don’t want this book to EVER make you feel that way.
    And yes, I’d think the same thing if I were in your shoes 👠, but here’s the thing:
    It also weeds out the freebie-seekers. I only want serious students who take action.

    And, I don’t see why the heck not. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I like to hook up my galpals (at least, I hope you consider me a friend by now.)
    That being said, there is this one thing to keep in mind...

    This Incredible Deal Won't Last Forever...

    Here’s why…

    Today, you can snag “Next” at the extremely affordable price of only $5.

    And you’re still wondering why the heck I’m doing that.

    Simple! I want to help you GROW your RE business… and I certainly have the power to do so.

    But if I can’t get the numbers to work on the advertising end, I’ll sadly have to cut this promo…

    Which means it will be GONE for good 🥺

    So, I’d highly recommend NOT missing out on this incredible opportunity.

    My ‘Love it or Keep It’ Guarantee

    You have my word that you’ll 100% LOVE this book and the bonuses or I’ll return your $5… and you can keep the book and bonuses anyways.

    Just email me and I’ll give you a refund, no questions asked.

    BUT, here’s the catch, you have 7 days at the time of purchase to request for a return, okay? Any time after that I won’t be able to give you your money back.

    So, if you don’t LOVE the book, please make sure to email me within 7 days after you finalize your purchase.

    But again...This limited time offer won’t last forever!

    P.S. in case you’re like me and scrolled to the bottom, lemme fill you in....
    I’m offering you my BRAND NEW book, Next: The Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate.

    It’s a simple, yet powerful book outlining the strategies you need to implement - NOW that will help you build an incredible and impactful RE business - FAST.

    It’s only going to cost you $5.

    ****And get this, you also get these 5 killer bonuses - completely free:
    ✅ Bonus #1: Mindset Mastery
    ✅ Bonus #2: Creating your Sales Funnel
    ✅ Bonus #3: Your Pre Qualifying Script
    ✅ Bonus #4: Present like a Pro
    ✅ Bonus #5: It’s Showtime!

    I’m giving you these incredible bonuses because I want you to implement what you learn in this book immediately…

    And, of course, so you can see results in the FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE.

    And, better yet: There are no gimmicks. In fact, I’ve 100% got your back.

    If you don’t absolutely love the book, just let me know within 7 days of your purchase and I’ll send you $5 back and you can keep the book AND the bonuses anyway. 

    Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

    ⏰ PSA: You may want to hurry! This truly limited offer won’t last forever.

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